Roof Safety

                          Wirbelschleppen Dach

                          In 2013, the issue of “Wake turbulence” became the focus of media attention. This refers to turbulence which arises during flight as a result of air-flow equalization on the wing surfaces. In certain weather conditions they can descend to the ground in a relatively stable manner over a period of several minutes. There may be a few cases of tiles being loosened from their anchor point on the roofs of buildings located in the vicinity of the airport. During the first half of 2013, there was an increased number of complaints about damage caused to roofs in the approach area of the new Runway Northwest which was either actually caused by wake turbulence or alternatively residents believed this to be the case. Fraport immediately initiated a roof inspection program at short notice carried out by accredited experts. In spring 2013, these inspectors performed visual inspections in a defined area. We also engaged the German Aerospace Center to carry out more in-depth investigations. The instances of damage reported were also published on the company website in anonymized form in order to increase transparency.

                          In May 2013 and May 2014 planning addendum resolutions were passed by the Hesse Ministry of Economics, Transport and Regional Development. This requires Fraport to take precautionary measures to secure the roofs of houses where the flight altitude is less than 1,100 feet (335 meters) under certain circumstances. Around 3,000 households close to the airport are entitled to benefit from this precautionary measure.