One of our primary goals is the quick implementation of noise abatement measures to further reduce the airport’s noise footprint. It is in our interest to keep the noise exposure for our neighbors as low as possible. Despite the success we are already seeing, we are continuously aiming to improve our expertise as an international pioneer in noise reduction and achieve even more positive results in the future. New operational and technical opportunities can result in significant noise improvements for our neighbors. All measures, however, can only be implemented where practicable and together with our partners, as well as within the framework of applicable operating
                          licenses and on the basis of the zoning permission. ?

                          As an acknowledged innovator in the field of noise insulation, we have worked hard to reduce the exposure to noise in our neighboring communities. And we have several plans in the pipeline to follow that course in the future. An overview of our noise abatement measures and future plans can be downloaded here.

                          Find further and more detailed information on our measures below.


                          Landing lights

                          Further information on how we deal with aircraft noise. See our actions on passive and active noise abatement.

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                          Wirbelschleppen Dach

                          Learn about our roof inspection program.

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                          Corporate Headquarters

                          How is the air quality influenced by the airport's traffic? Find air quality reports and environmental statements here.

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                          FRA Development
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                          Find out how the runway system and aircraft take-offs and landings work at Frankfurt Airport.

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                          Flugzeug über Autobahn
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                          Get insights on aircraft noise and how we ensure transparency.

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                          Live information on the noise impact of arriving or departing aircraft. Measuring stations are monitoring noise levels at several locations.

                          Live information