Flight Operations

                          Frankfurt Airport (FRA) features a four-runway system, three of which are pointing in the same direction (parallel runways). While the northern runway is dedicated to aircraft landings only, the southern and central parallel runways may be used both for takeoff and landing. The fourth runway is arranged in north-south direction. This runway, named “Runway 18 West”, may be used for takeoffs and in north-south direction only.

                          The route maps in the download area show a schematic representation of the approach and departure route for direction 25, in westerly direction, and for direction 07 in easterly direction, respectively. The red dots marked on the route maps refer to the locations of 29 aircraft-noise measuring stations of Fraport AG.

                          To display the current data for approaches to and departures from Frankfurt Airport, click on FRA.NoM.

                          Further information about flight operations, aircraft noise and active noise abatement measures can be viewed on FRA.Map. Visualized on a map of the airport perimeter, users can learn more about their noise situation. This service is only available in German.