Aircraft Noise

                          As the owner and operator of Frankfurt Airport (FRA), Fraport AG has always felt committed to contribute to minimize the airport’s noise footprint. The basis was created by continuous measurement of flight noise occurrences since 1964.

                          Since that time, Fraport AG has continuously expanded and improved its comprehensive measuring and monitoring system. Even before the inauguration of Runway Northwest in 2011 two new measuring stations were installed. At present the aircraft noise measuring system of Frankfurt Airport is made up of 29 stationary measuring points and 3 mobile measuring containers.

                          FRA.NoM (Fraport Noise Monitoring) shows current noise values measured at Fraport's stationary aircraft noise measuring points as well as landings and takeoffs at Frankfurt Airport. For technical reasons, the values displayed in the “current” mode come with a time delay of 2 hours.

                          The “active” mode shows previous data. This mode allows the display of the verified noise values identified as aircraft noises. Due to the multiplicity of the measured values, which are recorded at our measuring points daily, the clear recognition of aircraft noise occurrences for all measuring points takes some days.

                          Further information about flight operations, aircraft noise and active noise abatement measures can be viewed on FRA.Map. Visualized on a map of the airport perimeter, users can learn more about their noise situation. This service is only available in German.