Reporting Systems

                          The electronic reporting system

                          Within the last decades Fraport has achieved a reputation as an upright and high-performance enterprise. The mutual trust between us and our partners and customers is our most important asset. To further strengthen our reputation as an ethics-oriented and trustworthy enterprise, we will not tolerate behavior that contradicts this aim.

                          In January 2009 we therefore introduced an electronic reporting system for the recording and prevention of enterprise damaging behavior. This certified BKMS ? system is another condition to make Fraport an attractive employer for our employees as well as a successful service provider to our customers and partners – now and in the future.

                          Fraport employees, business partners and customers can report irregularities via the online reporting system. Round the clock and worldwide, confidential information on non-compliant behavior such as corruption and business crime can be reported directly and anonymously. The certified BKMS ? system absolutely guarantees the anonymity of the informant.


                          The external ombudsperson

                          As part of our ethics and compliance activities, Fraport AG has created the function of an external ombudsperson. Ms. Annette Parsch, an attorney at law, specialized in criminal law, has been appointed Fraport’s external ombudsperson as of December 1st, 2011. She confidentially receives and legally examines information pointing to crimes such as fraud, corruption or to other improper business practices. More information about her and how to contact the ombudsperson can be found here.

                          Anette Parsch

                          Annette Parsch

                          Attorney at Law

                          Attorney at Law Annette Parsch
                          Q 2, 5, D-68161 Mannheim

                          Annette Parsch