European Topics

                          Europe‘s political landscape has seen significant changes during the last years. At the latest since the Lisbon Treaty entered into force in 2009, political decisions have been increasingly taken on European level. As far as companies are concerned, this means that they have been representing their interests more and more in Brussels and that they are using consultation and commenting possibilities in the decision-making process as part of the European legislative initiatives.

                          Numerous EU legislation proposals are now referring to the future of aviation and are closely followed by Fraport. The aviation industry, more than any other mode of transport, connects globalized markets and is, thus, an important factor for the general economic development. This is why Fraport supports all measures directed at optimally organizing air transport systems, and at consolidating and furthering their potential. We see ourselves as an active partner for the trendsetting development of the pan-European and worldwide aviation and are happy to offer advisory support and know-know.

                          On an international plane, Fraport AG is one of the leading companies in the airport business. A host of topics dealing with EU legislation are of importance for Fraport, such as:

                          • aviation security (e.g. liquids in carry-on baggage, cargo security)
                          • environmental protection (e.g. emissions trading, electromobility)
                          • energy (e.g. CO2 reduction, renewable energies)
                          • SESAR Deployment
                          • EASA (European Aviation Safety Agency, an organization promoting the highest common standards of safety and environmental protection in civil aviation)
                          • SEAC

                          Many European legislative initiatives start at EU level and are, once adopted, passed on within the European institutions (EU Commission, Council, Parliament) to the member nations to be implemented on a national level. Here you find more information on the political areas of the EU Commission.

                          The majority of topics concerning the aviation sector are dealt with in the policy area “Transport, Travel and Traffic“