ID Card Application

                          H?nde auf Tastatur

                          Once all requirements are met and the company is duly registered, you are ready to apply for your Airport ID Cards.

                          In order to view the ID Card application correctly when using Mozilla Firefox, adjust the browser settings so that it opens with Adobe Reader and, in doing so, becomes editable.

                          Applying for Airport ID Cards

                          The data shown on applications for personal Airport ID Cards must comply with your official reporting data (e.g. several first names appearing in your national identity card or passport). ?

                          In case the ID Card is vinculated to a background check, Fraport AG automatically initiates these checks and the security training on application of your ID Cards.

                          Permanent Personal Airport ID Card


                          Short-Term ID Cards

                          A Short-Time ID Card is a personal Airport ID Card valid for a limited period of time.

                          Short-Time ID Cards for landside operational areas can be issued four times (or less) a year for a maximum of 14 subsequent days.

                          The same applies for airside areas provided that you have successfully undergone a background check and passed a security training and a safety training.

                          Without a valid background check and without a valid security check you can be granted access to the airside areas for one day a month only. On that day, you must be permanently accompanied by an Airport ID Card holder who is regularly allowed to enter these areas.


                          Vehicle ID Card

                          Vehicle ID Card

                          The Vehicle ID Card is a vehicle-related permanent ID Card.

                          To ensure applications for Vehicle ID Cards are processed quickly and properly, applicants must enter all the information required on the form digitally, sign it and send to Airport ID Cards Service Center by mail.?When picking up your Vehicle ID Card, make sure to have your original application and the original motor vehicle registration certificate with you.


                          Airport ID Cards web portal

                          For all important information, consult the web portal user manual (available in German only).

                          Permission agreement

                          Agreement with Fraport AG as a service provider or supplier of a Retail – Firma at Frankfurt Airport.

                          Guide restricition (PDF)

                          Retail permission agreement (available in German only) ?


                          What kind of ID Card do I need?

                          There are different access permits at Frankfurt Airport. The Airport ID Card color identifies the area for which the ID Card is valid. This color identification applies both to personal Airport ID Cards and to Vehicle ID Cards.

                          Please consult our plan for an overview of the individual areas at the airport.

                          ID Card color green

                          The “green” ID Card entitles its holder to access the landside operational areas.


                          ID Card color blue

                          The “blue” ID Card authorizes access to the airside areas in the airport terminals. This ID Card includes the “green” authorizations.

                          Before the ID Card can be issued, a background check and a security training are required.


                          ID Card color red

                          The “red” ID Card authorizes the access to the apron. The apron forms part of the critical parts of security-restricted areas of an airport. This ID Card includes the authorizations of the “green” ID Card.

                          Prior to the issue of this ID Card, a security background check, a safety management training and an aviation security training are required.


                          ID Card color yellow

                          The “yellow” ID Card includes the “green”, “blue” and “red” access authorizations. For this kind of ID Card to be issued, proof of a permanent activity in all areas needs to be provided. For the issuing of this ID Card, a security background check, a safety management training and an aviation security training must be passed beforehand.?


                          Additional Authorizations through Letter Codes

                          Airport ID Cards may be complemented by additional authorizations which must be applied for separately. Such separate application is also required in the event of a new ID Card being issued or in case the holder changes companies. The spectrum of users is defined by Fraport AG.

                          F – Apron Driver’s License

                          Operating a vehicle on the apron requires a corresponding driving training. Upon successful completion of this training, the Card holder is granted the “F” additional authorization. This authorization shall not be considered an access authorization in itself by foot or vehicle. For details see the Traffic Rules and Licensing Regulations.


                          L – Background Check Approved

                          This additional authorization is granted to persons working for cargo, mail or cleaning companies and goods suppliers as well as to companies that were issued a “green” ID Card for the landside operational areas and that may affect aviation security to the nature of their business. For this additional authorization a security background check in accordance with section 7 of the Aviation Security Act (LuftSiG) is required.