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                          How to Find the ID Card Services in Building 161

                          The ID Card Services is located between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 in the first floor of Building 161 (Training Center), room #1032 and in Terminal 1 hall c arrivals.

                          On Foot

                          If you arrive from Terminal 1, bear right and stay on the walkway until you get to the exit barriers at the end of the Terminal. From there, keep walking on the walkway on the right-hand side for some 150 meters up to a traffic light crossing in front of Gate 3. Cross the road and walk left past the police building. Afterwards keep on to the right. After some 150 meters, you will reach parking lot P81, Building 161. The ID Card Services are housed in the green building 161.

                          If you arrive from Terminal 2, leave the building in the second level (Arrivals Level) and keep right until the entrance to the car park P8. Approximately 30 meters ahead of you, on the right side, you will find a staircase. Go downstairs. Afterwards walk straight on along the fence until the green building (Bldg. 161). The ID Card Services are housed in that building.


                          Using the Staff Coach

                          The “East Line” Staff Coaches between Terminal 1 and Gate 1/Bldg. 543 drive to the Building 162 stop. From the bus stop, please follow the blue “Servicecenter Flughafenausweise (SCF)” signs between the cafeteria and Building 162 taking you to Building 161 (green building).


                          With the Car

                          Drive onto Hugo-Eckener-Ring, west of Terminal 2 and east of Gate 3, to get to car park P81 (GPS coordinates N50.050.053039 E 08.581137). This takes you directly to Building 161. The ID Card Services are accommodated in that green building. The ID Card Services will refund you the parking fees for the duration of your visit.

                          In the operational area, you will find three designated parking spaces in front of Building 161.


                          ID Card Services Branch Office in Terminal 1

                          The SCF office in Terminal 1 is located in hall c arrivals


                          Fraport AG - Frankfurt Airport Services Worldwide

                          ID Card Services (SCF)
                          60547 Frankfurt am Main

                          Opening hours:
                          Mon. through Thurs.: 7.00 AM till 3.30 PM
                          Fri.: 7.00 AM till 11.30 AM

                          Opening Hours Branch Office (Terminal 1):
                          Mon. through Thurs.: 7.00 AM till 3.30 PM
                          Fri.: 7.00 AM till 11.30 AM

                          Phone: +49 69 690-71110

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