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                          Real Estate Services & Development: Get help from complexity experts!

                          Fraport Real Estate Services & Development is a real-estate service provider with international operations specializing in complex and special-purpose properties.? We support our customers in all strategic and operational areas - as a reliable partner for the entire value chain for real estate.

                          Our experience of 60 plus years at and around Frankfurt Airport has enabled us to come up with an expertise profile in all areas of the real-estate sector. We use this expertise successfully also for other projects in Germany, Europe and beyond. Find out more about us!

                          Facts and Figures

                          • 179 managed properties
                          • 1,500,000m2 managed leased floor space
                          • 600,000m2?comercially used?surface
                          • 2.5 bn. € Asset under Management
                          • 22ha urban development of conversion area
                          • 650 Mio. kwH?electricity delivery?per year?

                          Julia Volland

                          Fraport AG
                          Fraport Real Estate Services & Development
                          60547 Frankfurt am Main

                          Phone: +49 69 690-25518

                          Julia Volland

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